• Hardware Open Challenge

    Pollution, Congestion, Oil dependancy, so many challenges to tackle...


    Co-organised by FabMob, Open Lab Michelin, Kisio Digital, Nokia, Renault, PSA and many others !


    Because Challenges remain enormous !

    Pollution, congestion, oil dependency, climate change, inclusivity, door to door and last mile delivery business models

    Because Mobility is not the web !

    Territories, cities, vehicles, alternative energies are as important as datas

    Because no actor has the solution alone !

    The ecosystem must move forward together and create a new common culture, new methodologies and toolboxes to innovate together

    Because we need to collaborate and co-create !

  • YOU ARE ...

    Each stakeholder will be involved

    an entrepreneur

    • Access to open resources (data, soft and harware)
    • Benefit from project support and global advisors,
    • Connect to extended ecosystems,

    • Implement open innovation projects,

    • Benefit from feedback from all projects,

    • Improve your open resources,

    • Receive co-financing

    a Company

    • Explore new markets in several countries,
    • Connect to extended ecosystems,
    • Implement open innovation projects,
    • Benefit from feedback from all projects,
    • Improve your open resources


    a City

    • Experiment solutions in your city,
    • Provide vehicles for experimentation,
    • Connect to the ecosystem

    a lab, school, cluster

    • Increase the number of open resources,
    • Improve the quality of resources,
    • Strengthen inter-linkages,
    • Launch new projects to tackle challenges
  • You have a project, an idea ...


    Launch your project or join existing one

    Select open resources you need

    • Open vehicles with Renault Twizy, XYT, HyperBoard, BeeBee ...
    • Open softwares and Data with Navitia, Catalogue and OpenDataSoft
    • and more than 200 resources...
    • and our Guide Open Source & Mobility





    FabMob & many Stakeholders

    • NOKIA, ORANGE, PSA Platform for developer
    • TRANSDEV Digital Factory, KISIO
    • Schools : ESTACA, ENPC, Ecole de Design de Nantes,
    • Labs : VEDECOM
    • Territories : Ville de Paris, Issy les Moulineaux, Département 06, ...



    May 2017, Start in France : Everyone can start a project of common connected to a challenge identified and using an open resource

    June 2017, Connexion with Montréal ecosystem during MOVIN'ON, identification of canadian entrepreneur.

    October 2017 during AUTONOMY Pitch of projects ready to start

    End of 2017, One week of acceleration for 3-4 projects and partners (place to be defined)

    + 4 months with FabMob

  • Hardware Open Challenge

    Starting in 2017

    You want to ...


    Go faster,

    Build open bricks,

    Share resources & development,

    Simplify co-creation without heavy contract,

    Increase your connexion in a large ecosystem,

    Reinvent your business model by focusing on your added value,

    Create standard, increase reutilisation & business